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jeudi 28 août 2008
par  Jean Dornac

Le fanatisme religieux aux USA menace Barack Obama

Se croyant sans doute « inspirée », ou porteuse d’une « mission divine », l’équipe de John McCain a pris l’initiative de désigner Barack Obama comme étant « l’Antéchrist ». Diable, voilà que réapparaît ce personnage trouble, mal défini, très utile par contre, dans les films d’horreur ou les films fantastiques. (...)

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jeudi 28 août 2008 à 14h20 - par  Vladimir

Apres Katrina, Gustav , juste apres la nomination d’Obama ?

August 28, 2008

US-Russia Begin Catastrophic End Time War On World

By : Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

In the shadow of Western public blind to their own government’s propaganda that such technology does not exist, the first attacks of Total Global War between the West and East have been launched against each other by the United States and Russia.

The Americans are reported to have struck first in their Alaskan HAARP based attack upon Russia’s similar array of atmospheric radars located on the shores of Lake Baikal (also home to Russia’s Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope) which was hit by a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake. (6.7 on the Richter scale)

Russian Forces were quick to counterstrike with a massive 9 billion volt surge from their “Hurricane Gun ??? directed towards the Gulf of Mexico, and which American meteorologist Scott Stevens had previously accused Russia of utilizing against the US over the catastrophic Katrina Hurricane which virtually obliterated the city of New Orleans......

USA and Russia supposedly develop secret meteorological weapons


American meteorologist Scott Stevens has recently brought accusations against Russia

Mr. Stevens claims that Russian military specialists were behind the fury of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans. According to him, Russia has built secret equipment for causing a detrimental impact on the weather way back in the Soviet era.

U.S. media quickly spread the news around. Both Russia and the U.S. were long rumored to have been involved in the development of meteorological weapon. But those rumors seemed too wild to searching a grain of truth hidden underneath. In the meantime, some Russian politicians say the experiments have been conducted and still conducted on either side of the ocean. Following death and destruction caused by Katrina, The Americans promptly unearthed the controversial interview by Vladimir Zhirinovsky in which he threatened to unleash floods all over the United States when “our scientists slightly change the earth’s gravitational field.??? Nobody got scared watching the drunken boss of the Liberal Democratic Party promise doom’s day for the United States. But once Katrina struck and the southern part of the U.S. got drowned, the improbable rumors about Russia’s meteorological weapon came to light again.

American meteorologists are not the only ones who blame the neighbors for using the “hurricane gun.??? Unconfirmed and patchy reports on questionable experiments with weather conducted by the U.S. and Soviet Union stirred up a number of political scandals in many countries of the world. Following a large-scale flooding in Europe in 2002, some European politicians put the blame on the “U.S. military ??? for disrupting EU economy. In 2002, Committee for Defense of the Russian Duma raised the issue about a detrimental impact on climate caused by experiments involving disturbance of the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. The deputies focused their attention on HAARP system that is still under construction in Alaska.


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